What you are missing in btown…

1) Me…obviously 🙂

2) The locals. [Example: Today while walking to class there was a dude in front of me jogging. Now this is obviously a regular occurrence in bloomington, let alone anywhere else in the world. But this guy…well I can only describe him as half-hobo, half-frat boy….I know what you’re thinking….how on earth can you combine these two contrasting characters. Well where the natural world would find this impossible, btown townies defy convention. So the hobo features included: a beard so scruffy and unkept you’d think some sort of disease had mutated his face and his hair…coupled with a hunch-backed posture (think Forrest Gump after two years of running across the nation…minus the fan club following him). But then picture Forrest Gump with biker shorts, Nike running shoes, and…here’s the best part…a light pink Polo….WITH the collar popped. Needless to say I laughed. OH and he had a Walkman…like a legit old, 1990s walkman! ]

3) Drama…ya know the usual btown events. People being cray cray.

4) IU Gen Ed course classmates. I feel like the more I take general education classes, the more I realize that music people, while insane and stupid in their own ways…really truly are…maybe…not much worse then the regular population. Chemistry class, for example: now we all have that one kid (freshman) in class who thinks that they are soooooo smart and can instantly become the teacher’s pet. Well, my chem class officially has one. The problem with these children is that they tend to make fools of themselves rather than present intelligence of any sort; ie. this girl: My chem teacher puts up a diagram to the class to demonstrate something…I forget what, it doesn’t really matter, but she then asks a rhetorical question like “do you see what’s wrong with this equation?” and it’s presented in a way that you KNOW the teacher is just trying to move the class along cuz she’s running out of time and so you should just nod your head and have her explain it. Of course, the girl wasn’t so intuitive, raised her hand and took 5 minutes to explain that the equation wasn’t balanced…Now this wasn’t actually so bad, just kind of an “ok good job you know what’s going on in class, congratulations” moment. But as the class wore on, her interruptions continued, until we were finishing up the class talking about catalytic converters on cars, and the teacher was explaining what exactly they did and so on…and in the middle of her explanation, this girl interrupts again to give this lovely declaration: “I don’t know if this applies, but a catalyst is something that speeds up a reaction…” At this point I really wanted to turn to the girl and be like “No shit Sherlock, glad to hear you have a high school education.” Which may seem harsh, but….I wish you could have been there just to see the presentation and sheer lack of understanding classroom etiquette, common sense, etc. Anyways, the teacher was just like….”uh…yes…that’s correct, as I was saying…” Which, again…made me laugh.

So…in other words…I’m moving to South Carolina…so we can miss btown’s specialness together 🙂


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