Blog Resurection (pt. 1)

It’s been WAY too long since either of us updated this lovely blog.  So as a means of saving our site from its certain perpetual demise, I am going to sacrifice my valuable 401 studying time to write a post of epic proportions, not seen on this side of the Mississippi in near o’er a decade…

Or it could be really lame…

Part Un: Interlochen

Interlaken, Switzerland…psh, I WISH this was where I was.

I figured I should give a brief overview of my summer spent in Interlochen, Michigan:

It was hot as H-E-Double hockey sticks. I didn’t sleep. I worked my butt off. And I loved every moment of being WYSO’s librarian.

Ok, not EVERY moment.

Ok so here are the things I DONT miss from Interlochen:

1. The impossible amount of work.

One week’s worth of music.

Freaking Rite of Mothereffing Spring.

2. Numbering Measures.

This is only the Violin I parts of ONE piece...


3. The shmexy uniform.





    4. The food that made you question the very definition of “food”.

Stone Cafeteria: Home of the Vegetarian Vegetables

And last but certainly not least…

Dawg, uh…Wtf?

5. Finding out that not only did one of your junior choir boys eat the binding off of their choir folder, but that their maturity level would not increase substantially by the time they reached high school….case in point:

No seriously, Bro what!?!?!?

And now for the things I do miss:


I miss those who made me laugh through the stress…

…who kept me sane…

….and who supported me through it all.

I miss very glorious sunset…

…And of course, I miss my WYSO.

6. Annnnnnnnnnd I miss my wagon…

Cuz that ride wuz pimpin’ yo!

In conclusion…

Cost of daily life at Interlochen: Your sanity.

Amount of money spent at Hofbrau Pub to regain said sanity:  $ P x 30,000 (Where  P = your entire paycheck).

The moment you realize that the President of Interlochen was clearly the inspiration for the character Gru in “Despicable Me”…Priceless.


(part deux will follow soon)


Still drunk.

So I woke up drunk this morning.

Truer story, I still AM drunk. Wow

Even truer story, I woke up with my face an inch away from a box of razors (see diagram 1)

Diagram 1

Truer truer story….paint is HARD to work with. I am NOT doing that again.

Sticking to pictures from now on.

still drunk.

…well done.

So just so we’re both clear, there’s really not much point of this post.

Except to be…..


As a side note….scrolling through “psychedelic” pictures via google while drunk or in any way hung over does not do well for the feeling good cellz in the tummy. I highly recommend not doing it!


How to make your lame trip home into a sick jaunt into unknown territory, complete with wicked car chases and all things baller*:

Step one: Get a cheap ass bus ticket home from megabus. Your mad booking skillz will increase your ego and add pizzazz to your daily bragging quota.


“Hey good lookin’. You are one baller ticket purchaser…”

Step 2: The night prior to your voyage, stay up until 4am for no apparent reason. This will ensure that you sleep right through your alarm and successfully wake up an hour or so later than intended.


Copyright Allie Brosh

Step 3: On the day of your excursion, leave at the last possible minute. Now the trick is to leave so that you have just enough time to possibly make it, but that the chance of success is highly outweighed by the probability of failure. This step is essential and will really get your adrenaline running.

Step 4: Be sure that the day you are planning to travel coincides with the single day of the week you are not permitted to park on the sides of the roads in the downtown/metropolitan  area. Causes of such days include: trash pick up, street sweeping, marathons, or parades.

Didn't even know you could get pwned this bad, did you?

Street Sweeper Pwnage

Step 5: Become Bruce Willis: put yo pedal to the metal, speedin’ round the block, leavin nothin but devastation in yo wake. [With the exception of sappy children films like The Kid, it really doesn’t matter which Bruce Willis character you attempt to personify. Just know that this is the ONE time today where you get to appear B.A.; so you’d better choose wisely.]

May not help in even of car chase...

And a Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker to you too.

Then get stuck behind an Ice Cream Truck… :\

Step 7: Pull up just in time to see your bus depart without you.

Step 8: Go to this website and follow the instructions indicated on the screen:

Step 9: Be dropped off at a local coffee shop or donut joint. The shabbier the court, the higher the chances of having demeaning experiences. Also it should be noted that the poundage of your luggage is directly related to the embarrassment you’ll probably endure throughout the day; so for the legendary traveler, it’s best that your total luggage exceeds your body weight.

Step 10: Hang ten in the joint for the next couple hours amusing yourself via any means possible. The more pathetic the attempt, the more likely people will pity you and/or think you’re a complete creeper.

Coy Creep

Creep on customers in line.


Build stuff.

you know you want some

Give them your sexay face.

Step 11: When you’ve exhausted all possible means of entertainment and successfully over-advertised your experience via all mediums of online social networking, it’s time to actually find yourself a way home. This process can only be made more stimulating/degrading if you are completely broke (made particularly ironic by step 1). Possible solutions: prostitution, selling your soul to the devil, or becoming a drug dealer. In the unfortunate event that none of these options are viable, you may have to resort to phoning home.

Step 12: Undergo complete humiliation while transporting all luggage and self to the bus or train station. Try not to get raped or mugged in process. When you finally arrive at the depot, look as pathetic as possible. This will not only put off potential thieves (as even they have hearts) but will also possibly sway the ticket attendant to wave any fee on your overweight luggage.


You will not look even this classy

Step 13: Collapse on floor and wait for your transportation. Keep your ninja skillz alert, however, as the initial pity that many will have felt for you upon arrival will now have worn off  making you susceptible to attack.

yes I just went there

Shoot up some Carbos Bro!

Step 14: The fact that there are 14+ steps to this day should be fair warning that by the time you actually get on your bus or train, you will be exhausted. Unfortunately sleep may not be an option as those around you will inflict crude means of suffering; varying from toxic smells, horrendously loud music, vomiting in or around your immediate area, and last but not least forcing you to bear witness to sexual rendezvous (which let me just say, having sex on a Greyhound does NOT come with the same esteem of being part of the Mile High Club!)

Step 15: Survive. Get home. Collapse.

*Not intended for the weak or slow minded. Aspen will not to be held responsible for any loss of money, soul, dignity, or sanity caused by participation in any of the activities listed above. Buyer Beware.

This is How We Study for 402

"Ruh Roh Raggy"

"Ruh Roh Raggy"

So the essay part of our 402-Music History test is tomorrow… ::cough:: …. ::cough:: …excuse me, I mean today, seeing how it is 4:43am. I’ve outlined about one and a half of the possible three essays…and I thought I would take a wee little break to fill you in on my study habits…

Good student

Bitch gettin' shit done

Now if you couldn’t tell already, I’m clearly someone who does not tolerate procrastination when it comes to her education.

Peace dogg

I am a very focused individual and can easily block out distractions.



Oh...oh...steady now...

dropped it


I maintain clear-cut objectives; my studies always take priority over my social and love life.



...are you?

And of course I always manage to keep a level head and am never overly dramatic!


So, there you have it; a brief look into the vigorous world of yours truly.  I hope I’ve effectively inspired you to relinquish your potentially poor or inefficient methods of getting shit done.  Best be getting back to the ol’ grind…

Newsflash: Celery will not replace Styrofoam

Being sick sucks. A lot. Positively nothing is enjoyable. Even things that should be enjoyable…are not enjoyable….

Sleeping, for one: not only is it not enjoyable, sometimes it’s down right impossible! Yet it’s pretty much required for a speedy recovery. Fail sleeping, fail.

Taking drugs: Drugs can be awesome…until you get sick…and then suddenly, drugs are just not as awesome. Especially cough syrup…

cute kid

Yeah I know some people really like the taste of cough syrup and other meds…here’s a picture for you guys…

Somehow the look of wonder just screams “future crack whore”

But perhaps the worst part about being sick has got to be the effect it has on food.

I went to Bdubs with Haley tonight, because I am out of food. Actually, I’m not out of food. Far from it. I have about 6 boxes of various shapes of pasta, a bag of potatoes, and half a loaf of bread….Anywho! The truth is that nothing, not even homemade Chicken Noodle Soup tasted good! And by “didn’t taste good” I mean I couldn’t taste anything!!!!! And do you know how much sodium chicken bouillon has in it? A. lot.

So I went to Bdubs hoping I could find something that was substantial yet…maybe…just MAYBE had enough flavor that it might puncture the wall of misery that the mean germ put up around my defenseless taste buds.

I found no such solace.

I did make an interesting revelation though. I was nibbling on a piece of celery, enjoying the crisp texture and the fact that I knew I was not missing anything taste-wise, when I suddenly imagined the guy who first invented the celery and bleu cheese snack combo. Logic told me the dude must have simply liked bleu cheese a bit too much, but realized it was poor etiquette to dip one’s finger into the bleu cheese sauce while in public. So then he would have researched (via wikipedia, no doubt) edible items that taste like nothing…because bleu cheese already has a fairly robust taste and one would not want to interfere with its essence. And there in….celery was found.

bleu cheese fettish

Moments before he discovers celery

I wish I could assure you that I was on drugs. I wish even deeper that my brain had stopped its pitiful stumbling at this point…mostly however, I wish I had not divulged any of this to Haley, which inevitably led me to promising that I would share it with you and whoever else hopelessly reads this blog….

As I continued to gnaw at a bit of celery, basking in the great discovery of Mr. Bleu Cheese Man from of long ago, my mind (which had not received any signals from my MIA taste buds….or any sensors as it would seem) suddenly became enamored with the texture and consistency of the celery stick and its relative comparison to Styrofoam. From there I came up with the irrational thought that celery, because of its texture and environmental benefits, should be used to insulate and protect our packages rather than Styrofoam peanuts, which do not decompose and are created using CFCs….and we all know how bad CFC’s are….


Luckily for all of us, it was only a matter of seconds…fine, minutes…before I realized that using celery as is would not be a good idea because it would potentially decompose in the box while en route or in storage. There was a brief moment where I wondered if someone had ever thought of making a non-decomposable form of celery….but then I took note that they had in fact come up with Styrofoam. I was back at square one 😦

Haley insisted that we leave quite soon after I delivered my recount of these various mind journeys. We went to CVS…where I got DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Purchace


I take back what I said about drugs before….drugs are awesome…at any point of the day or night or sickness or health. Drugs for the win!!!

And now you know the rest of the story.

You Can Do Better

You know your relationship is bad when it makes it into a magazine article.


In the summer of 2009, I lived in Maxwell Terrace with my friend and (then) stand partner, Robyn. Her apartment happened to be directly above Julia’s and it was actually through this coincidence that Julia and I became such close friends.

During one of the many EPICALLY fun-filled days spent with Julia and Robyn, we found ourselves scrolling through a blog entitled “You Can Do Better”. The blog consisted of mainly one or two line phrases sent in by readers of the blog, where each entry was presented with a hypothetical “If” followed by a recap of a significant other’s atrocious actions…They then concluded with “then you can do better”.

For example:

“If he invites you over to his house and leaves you there to go to the bars with all of his friends, then you can do better.”

Having read all of the posts, we all figured, ‘shit…we can top these stories no problem’, and proceeded to create our own list. In total we came up with nearly 25 examples between the three of us. While it might not seem like the healthiest method, it ended up becoming a pretty therapeutic experience, although I’ll admit somewhat disheartening.

But the really ironic part came a week later, when the editor of the blog posted a link to an article in Marie Claire Magazine. As it turned out, an editorial journalist had written a column about the blog. It gave a brief description complete with ten entries that stood out as potentially the worst cases.

I would have laughed if one of mine had made it into the article, and maybe even considered myself honored had there been two. But of the ten examples listed, I recognized four of them as my own. There’s nothing like a perfect stranger telling you your boy friend is complete asshole to put it all into perspective.

Unfortunately, experience is the best teacher; and thus a crappy year and a half later, I think it’s safe to say that Julia and I both have become at least slightly wiser about relationships and boys in general. So here we present a list of revised ‘you can do betters’ from our various and sometimes mutual experiences, so that the random straggler that stumbles onto our lowly site might gain some knowledge from our losses…

If a dude’s ex threatens to kill you, then you can do better.

If he never once told you that you are beautiful…then you can do better.

If he is more into Justin Bieber than you….then you can do better.

If he admits that he purposefully hurts you so that he can make someone else as ‘empty and cold’ as himself…

….Really? This doesn’t even deserve a response….

If he constantly calls you an alcoholic…you can do better? (Julia…I’m not sure that’s his fault…) jk ;P

If he has a “non-romantic life partner”…know that they will always come first, and you can do better.

If you drunk chat and text a dude daily, but find yourself avoiding them in person, it’s probably not the healthiest relationship.

If the Colts come before your recital, you can do better.

If he throws up on you while you’re making out…probably best to just walk away.

If he’s more concerned with using your apt’s hot tub and pool than the fact that you’re breaking up with him, you should know by now that you can do better.

If you would rather spend time with the dude’s pet than the dude himself, you probably can do better.

If he doesn’t know how to return library items, you can do better.

And lastly, if at any point you can describe him as an “old lady”, you can do better.


“You can do better” Blog:

Article from Marie Claire:         (ex: 1, 4, 8, and 9)

This is why I “M2” you…

Ok, don’t hate me for this! This is NOT meant as public humiliation. This is pure humor as well as proof to you that perhaps you SHOULD save your texts sent…..but mostly this is because I love you!!!!!



i’m drunk

realy drunk

but i love you

a lot


that wa typed so well






i lov eyou more





hahahahha nOT possible












i hung out hre with bf





for a long timr then we wen t to his plac e fand i met his roomies

and shit

adn stufff




for a while

then i came back here


nothing too cexciting




the funny thing is we’re more just bff

not bf

but it’s ok

i’m gonnna keep calling him bff

i mean


caues he’s so cute

but he was telling me aobut girl probablymes and iwas telling him aboustupei boys


hahhahhahahhahahhaha awww


so it’s ok

omg i’m so drunk

if youcouldnt’ tell




you are suck a loveable drunk




i met all his troomies this drunk

adn i actauully bonded really a lot with one of his roomies

cause johnny disappeared soemwhere

and i was chatting with like 3 reandome ppl

but yeah

it was fun

i met new ppl

and i hung out with johnny for a while berore too








i’m tsyping soooo well




it was/is good

I’m at a friend’s apt


drinking wine



hi hayley

se doesn’t know me

i hope


or in the worst away



but hi anyways


















i want to save this convo!





id if i can’t make a drukn cake 



nooooo you’ll burn yourself


hang on
i have to rwrpa a present first
hang on


should you do that right now?


i have rehearsal
then my parense will be here
when i get out
so i have to do it beofore they get hre







we’re good


lolol wow



hang on


don’t kill yourself


its goonna be sooo bggoooo
i cant type
i swear


hhahhahahha you are my hero


speastne   <—–I just have to comment that this has to be the BEST misspelling of my name ever!
YOU are my hero


you are awesome
favorite person EVER


i crack eggs really hrad when i’m drunk
fb chat ?


how are the eggs
theyr’e good
it was frozen i swear
but we’re good


the eggs?
are frozen?


og m i ‘m making such a mes
i just put cake in the oven
so in half an hour i have to take it out
just fyi




so much to do before my parents get hree……
you can
i set an alartm
but i love you more


i love youuuuuuuuuu




ok ok
i don’t think that is possible though


oh yes

True Story

Remember the classic computer game Oregon Trail? I’m not talking about the high class, fancy one of today’s child; with its simulated and personalized characters milling about in a computer generated three-dimensional world. No, I’m talking about the old school Oregon Trail. And by ‘old school’ I mean OLD school. The original: its black screen and white, pixelated font resembling more of a coding program or Windows’ Command Prompt box than an actual game. In fact the only evidence of it even being a game were the horribly low-def graphics, which I believe amounted to a highly pixelated wagon whose wheels rotated endlessly across the neon green outline of the American ‘landscape’…


This one!!!!!

Not this one

Not this one....

And no...not this one either!!!!

Eh hem…as I was saying…

So I was stumbling the other night (as usual) and I came across an online game that greatly imitated the original Oregon Trail; except it was the “Zombie Trail”….

Well…I missed that little “Zombie” memo when I first started playing…

So I was asked who I wanted to bring along on my expedition; and through the very “random” selection of the last 4 people whose texts I’d saved on my phone, I typed in “Julia”, “Colin”, “Ren”, and much to my dismay “Joe” (I almost skipped his name because honestly who wants his name to ruin a perfectly enjoyable game?)

It didn’t take long for me to figure out it was a zombie apocalyptic version of the beloved game. In fact it became incredibly apparent when the word box came up informing me that “Joe had been bitten by a Zombie”. I was beginning to find this game more and more amusing by the minute…

Unfortunately these games are not very realistic. I say this because my options for the next course of action after receiving the memo did not include “Dump Joe by the side of the road and leave him to fend for himself”. No, we had to drag his dead-weight Old Lady self along for another 350 miles before he died. By the time we were finally rid of him, Ren had been bitten (I blame Joe) and infected with both the T-virus and the G-virus (Again I blame Joe)…which….I really don’t know what either of those are, but apparently they are pretty bad because Ren died maybe 20 miles later.

You should be happy to note that you were never bitten by a zombie!!

Aside from the Old Lady, Colin was the biggest bitch of the group. He broke his leg at least twice and caused the group to stop and rest for 12-hour increments so that he could recoup enough to continue.

I think you broke your arm at one point, but I’d like to believe that was while doing something heroic like dragging Colin’s body away from the Zombie mosh-pit and to the safety of the station-wagon.  That said…you didn’t make it to Oregon. In a cave just beyond Salt Lake City, I held your lifeless body in my arms, sobbing hysterically as dysentery stole your final breath.

I think I’ve decided to get you one of these shirts for chirstmas:

Yay Christmas!!!

So there Colin and I were in the middle of freakin’ Utah, I had just lost you and was pretty torn up about it…when a “large horde of zombies” appeared and I was informed that they were “ravenous”. So…I was like “fuck that shit”….and about to click “Roll down windows and attempt to mow down the mass” with the 1384 bullets I had left in stock…which would probably result in them overtaking the car and my brains being ingested by Rocky Mountain hicks…so either this realization or the realization that my decision effected both my life and that of Colin’s….I decided to “wait and see if the crowd disperses”. Apparently it’s a well known fact that zombies can go from being “ravenous” to “docile” in a matter of a few minutes. So…we managed to then “sneak on past the large docile group of zombies”. And after that it was pretty much easy sailing to Oregon….except when we ran out of fuel…40 miles away from the finish line…I honestly don’t recall how I came up with the two gallons of fuel that got us there….I imagine prostitution was probably involved. But Colin and I made it.

I’d really like to know what was in Oregon that would save us from the Zombie Apocalypse, but…oh well…

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my story…it’s 7am, and I haven’t slept yet….I’m going to try and sleep for a few hours I think…


Ok this has probably been done before. YOU”VE probably done this before….I KNOW my mom has done similar things with Kahlua and baileys… but Amaretto over vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt….IS HEAVEN…seriously, try it. SO SO GOOD!


Cuz iiiiiiiiiiiiii looooooooooooove the way you call me baby, and youuuuuuuuuu take me the way I am ❤