Oh what a day…

Hey miss m ❤

So this is my practice break (numero uno) this morning because my contacts really hate me right now for various reasons.  It’s also a rather depressing practice session…after having such a bad lesson I’m always torn between a masochistic desire to completely make up for it throughout the coming week, and a low feeling of self-defeatedness (if that’s a word).  Anyway, yesterday was just one of those days, as you heard on and off throughout the day.

The real reason I’m writing this, however, well, ok there are actually two reasons; one, I’m partially swearing off facebook.  *GASP!!! I know.  But, I had this realization last night that it was causing me to live WAAAAY more in the past than was healthy, etc etc etc.  So I’ll be checking it for messages/comments/etc, because some people only communicate via fb, but otherwise I will be staying off.  This means: no stalking (!!!!???!!!!), no bejeweled (????!!!!!)…so you’ll have to tell me what happens after level 25 :p, aaaaand no dwelling on things which I should not.  That being said, I will be posting on HERE a lot more just to keep you updated and whatnot 🙂

Okay.  Reason no. 2 that I posted this morning: last night I was listening to the AMAZING new Sara Bareilles album (again), but eventually switched over to Ingrid.  So basically I was sitting in my bed, listening to Ingrid and having a little cry-fest…for various reasons…then just fell asleep in the middle of all this.  Aaaaaand I had the oddest dream.  hahahaha–I dreamt that you had called me or were somehow talking to me, but would like ONLY talk in Ingrid lyrics.  It was very cryptic.  I’m pretty sure I was confused.  Anyway, that is my story, so now I must get back to practicing before class.  Yaaaaay Bach…

Much love ~ J


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