This is How We Study for 402

"Ruh Roh Raggy"

"Ruh Roh Raggy"

So the essay part of our 402-Music History test is tomorrow… ::cough:: …. ::cough:: …excuse me, I mean today, seeing how it is 4:43am. I’ve outlined about one and a half of the possible three essays…and I thought I would take a wee little break to fill you in on my study habits…

Good student

Bitch gettin' shit done

Now if you couldn’t tell already, I’m clearly someone who does not tolerate procrastination when it comes to her education.

Peace dogg

I am a very focused individual and can easily block out distractions.



Oh...oh...steady now...

dropped it


I maintain clear-cut objectives; my studies always take priority over my social and love life.



...are you?

And of course I always manage to keep a level head and am never overly dramatic!


So, there you have it; a brief look into the vigorous world of yours truly.  I hope I’ve effectively inspired you to relinquish your potentially poor or inefficient methods of getting shit done.  Best be getting back to the ol’ grind…


3 thoughts on “This is How We Study for 402

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ooooooooh i so remember and DO NOT miss those days!!! But I do miss you and bloomington a lot…i’ve been thinking about it and everyone a lot this week and making people here listen to my epic stories…haha. namely johnny, but he puts up with it well 🙂 i know it took me FOREVER to read this post…but it couldn’t have happened at a better time…I needed the laugh and the cuteness…i love you and miss you and you’re at the top of my to-do list for when this shit show is over!!! ❤

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