how to make your neighbors hate you


This is J again, with some helpful advice on getting along with your neighbors.  I moved from a craaaaazy, old, loud apartment complex where everyone knew each other, to a very quiet, QUIET, highrise with extraordinarily thin walls.  Haha.  Anyway, things that don’t make friendly with the neighbors: smoke alarms and bad smells that filter out into the hallway…

Anyway, this is also a bit of baking advice…I went to bake a loaf of bread yesterday, and needed to put it on parchment paper so that it didn’t stick to the pan.  Unfortunately I got a liiiittle bit overzealous when cutting the paper and basically covered the whole baking sheet.  After 25 minutes at 450 degrees, the bread was doing nicely, and I looked up from my futon, which i was laying on, completely not paying attention… and the apartment was FULL of smoke!!! Ruh roh… soooo long story short, parchment paper is obviously still PAPER, and thus burns when exposed to high levels of heat for long periods of time.  I managed to AVOID the smoke alarm blaring, thank goodness, but it took an hour and a half and about 3 fans to get the smoke to clear in the apartment.  Another note, burning paper does not smell very good…and guess what?  The smoke/smell had to go SOMEWHERE when it left my apartment…oooh, the hallway.  Yeah.  It was pretty gross, so sorry to all my neighbors.  Anyway, lesson learned.

Another quick lesson, running the morning after 5 shots of tequila and countless 90 cent cosmos (helloooo ladies night) requires pretty extraordinary levels of coordination.  which i do not possess. just sayin.

oookay, over and out! ~J


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