Blog Resurection (pt. 1)

It’s been WAY too long since either of us updated this lovely blog.  So as a means of saving our site from its certain perpetual demise, I am going to sacrifice my valuable 401 studying time to write a post of epic proportions, not seen on this side of the Mississippi in near o’er a decade…

Or it could be really lame…

Part Un: Interlochen

Interlaken, Switzerland…psh, I WISH this was where I was.

I figured I should give a brief overview of my summer spent in Interlochen, Michigan:

It was hot as H-E-Double hockey sticks. I didn’t sleep. I worked my butt off. And I loved every moment of being WYSO’s librarian.

Ok, not EVERY moment.

Ok so here are the things I DONT miss from Interlochen:

1. The impossible amount of work.

One week’s worth of music.

Freaking Rite of Mothereffing Spring.

2. Numbering Measures.

This is only the Violin I parts of ONE piece...


3. The shmexy uniform.





    4. The food that made you question the very definition of “food”.

Stone Cafeteria: Home of the Vegetarian Vegetables

And last but certainly not least…

Dawg, uh…Wtf?

5. Finding out that not only did one of your junior choir boys eat the binding off of their choir folder, but that their maturity level would not increase substantially by the time they reached high school….case in point:

No seriously, Bro what!?!?!?

And now for the things I do miss:


I miss those who made me laugh through the stress…

…who kept me sane…

….and who supported me through it all.

I miss very glorious sunset…

…And of course, I miss my WYSO.

6. Annnnnnnnnnd I miss my wagon…

Cuz that ride wuz pimpin’ yo!

In conclusion…

Cost of daily life at Interlochen: Your sanity.

Amount of money spent at Hofbrau Pub to regain said sanity:  $ P x 30,000 (Where  P = your entire paycheck).

The moment you realize that the President of Interlochen was clearly the inspiration for the character Gru in “Despicable Me”…Priceless.


(part deux will follow soon)


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