My new project…after I make it to the grocery store…however, I miiiight leave out the raw eggs…


throwback to the first post…

So I was going through some mooooore food blogs and found a recipe that automatically made me think of you and our summer ridiculousness… and consequently, our first post on here.  This is what I’m doing instead of actually practicing/doing my work… I was doing so well this morning, too…I was out last night until 4:30, or at least up until then, and I still managed to make it up at 9…however all I have accomplished is taking a shower…hm.  Anyway, here’s the link:

Remember that time…

…this past summer when we were drunk and we REALLY SUPER DUPER BADLY NEEDED ultimate popcorn… we walked all the way to and from kroger…JUST to get hot sauce?

That was a lot of fun 🙂


Things I found that will make you smile:



Are you SEEING this?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!? That’s right! You are currently looking at “self-serve wine tank”. You can take whatever size bottle you might have and fill up your “tank” with wine…I am SO ready to get on the next plane whenever you are!

Now this….this just made me laugh…..


Then there’s this page….I’m not sure what you will think of it. I find it hilarious. Disgusting. But the writing is really really quite funny. Mind you, it’s 5 am when I’m saying this, so my taste in humor and perspective in general is pretty unreliable. But….here it is nonetheless:

"Cuitlacoche (kweet-lah-KOH-chay) or Huitlacoche (dat-sfuckin-NAS-tee)"

Pretty much this guy eats and makes all these really disgusting things (e.g. silkworms from a can…they’re a Korean snack…er…something….) but he also teaches you how you can make wine if you’re in prison!!!!! which is ALWAYS good!!!!! 😀 ok I’m not helping my point here. But, you should read it, the guy is amusing I think….

And for now that’s it…I have a week’s worth of practicing to attend to tomorrow….and a concert…and school…joy.




Me again…I know, twice in one day…impressed, right?  Oh, and both posts have to do with sleeping.  Haha.

So due to my lack of sleep last night, I was really lazy this afternoon.  Finally around 3 I decided that I should take a nap in order to be more productive this evening (since I actually DO have things to do…besides lay on my lovely futon and read recipes…)

As most of my dear and lovely friends know, I am usually hopelessly bitchy post-nap session (and when I’m realllly hungry…but that’s beside the point) and require at least 30  minutes to an hour for the grogginess/bitchiness to wear off.  This is why I GENERALLY don’t consider a nap to be a good choice, time-wise and socially.

Now that I think about it, napping may have been ingrained in my mind as a great idea due to a convo I had with my adorable little freshman standpartner here who, poor thing, is having the busiest and most stressful semester of his life so far.  He was informing me yesterday that he has finally discovered the love and joy of power napping (something that most college students pull off  just fine…what can I say, I’m a mutant…).  I guess this put the bug in my already sleep-deprived brain, before we went on to have a groggy dialogue about how awesome of a stand partner we thought the other was.  Aaaaah, stand partner love.  Not like LOVE love, mind you…it you’re not a musician it may be hard to understand the relationship that develops between two people who are forced to sit and live through quite a few painful, stressful, boring, or confusing rehearsals, forced to work together upon pain of death…it’s unique.

Anyway, I set my alarm for 4:15 pm, put on a rerun of Leverage (I ❤ Christian Kane!!!), and zonked out.





*turn off alarm in sleep*




About a minute after the alarm went off and I turned it off, I BOLTED upright on the futon and grabbed my phone.  For a while I didn’t even remember deciding to take a nap, and wasn’t sure what pm meant…(this often happens to me when I nap, particularly late evening when the light outside suggests that it COULD be either morning or evening…it’s very disorienting and I have totally called my mom before to ask her if it was the morning or the evening…) So during these few minutes of freaking out, I grabbed for my calender, LEGIT thinking that I had slept through my entire day, and probably a class or rehearsal or something I can’t afford to miss…it was truly terrifying.

When I finally got things figured out and began to breathe again, I decided coffee was an absolute follow-up…aand proceeded to dump about half a cup of espresso grounds on the floor…reminding me, of course, that I DO need to clean my floors before my parents come in two days (I shed a LOT, and everywhere, aaaand obviously tend towards spilling things…), which is something that I noticed…ooooh, I guess two weekends ago, now, when I was making best friends with my bathroom floor.  (Thankfully this weekend we didn’t have to bond…yay!)

Anyway, I still have a lot to do and should get to it…and I’m sure there are MORE than half a dozen typos in this post, but I’m just about fully awake again and wanted to share the antics.

Later! ~J

Oh what a day…

Hey miss m ❤

So this is my practice break (numero uno) this morning because my contacts really hate me right now for various reasons.  It’s also a rather depressing practice session…after having such a bad lesson I’m always torn between a masochistic desire to completely make up for it throughout the coming week, and a low feeling of self-defeatedness (if that’s a word).  Anyway, yesterday was just one of those days, as you heard on and off throughout the day.

The real reason I’m writing this, however, well, ok there are actually two reasons; one, I’m partially swearing off facebook.  *GASP!!! I know.  But, I had this realization last night that it was causing me to live WAAAAY more in the past than was healthy, etc etc etc.  So I’ll be checking it for messages/comments/etc, because some people only communicate via fb, but otherwise I will be staying off.  This means: no stalking (!!!!???!!!!), no bejeweled (????!!!!!)…so you’ll have to tell me what happens after level 25 :p, aaaaand no dwelling on things which I should not.  That being said, I will be posting on HERE a lot more just to keep you updated and whatnot 🙂

Okay.  Reason no. 2 that I posted this morning: last night I was listening to the AMAZING new Sara Bareilles album (again), but eventually switched over to Ingrid.  So basically I was sitting in my bed, listening to Ingrid and having a little cry-fest…for various reasons…then just fell asleep in the middle of all this.  Aaaaaand I had the oddest dream.  hahahaha–I dreamt that you had called me or were somehow talking to me, but would like ONLY talk in Ingrid lyrics.  It was very cryptic.  I’m pretty sure I was confused.  Anyway, that is my story, so now I must get back to practicing before class.  Yaaaaay Bach…

Much love ~ J

What you are missing in btown…

1) Me…obviously 🙂

2) The locals. [Example: Today while walking to class there was a dude in front of me jogging. Now this is obviously a regular occurrence in bloomington, let alone anywhere else in the world. But this guy…well I can only describe him as half-hobo, half-frat boy….I know what you’re thinking….how on earth can you combine these two contrasting characters. Well where the natural world would find this impossible, btown townies defy convention. So the hobo features included: a beard so scruffy and unkept you’d think some sort of disease had mutated his face and his hair…coupled with a hunch-backed posture (think Forrest Gump after two years of running across the nation…minus the fan club following him). But then picture Forrest Gump with biker shorts, Nike running shoes, and…here’s the best part…a light pink Polo….WITH the collar popped. Needless to say I laughed. OH and he had a Walkman…like a legit old, 1990s walkman! ]

3) Drama…ya know the usual btown events. People being cray cray.

4) IU Gen Ed course classmates. I feel like the more I take general education classes, the more I realize that music people, while insane and stupid in their own ways…really truly are…maybe…not much worse then the regular population. Chemistry class, for example: now we all have that one kid (freshman) in class who thinks that they are soooooo smart and can instantly become the teacher’s pet. Well, my chem class officially has one. The problem with these children is that they tend to make fools of themselves rather than present intelligence of any sort; ie. this girl: My chem teacher puts up a diagram to the class to demonstrate something…I forget what, it doesn’t really matter, but she then asks a rhetorical question like “do you see what’s wrong with this equation?” and it’s presented in a way that you KNOW the teacher is just trying to move the class along cuz she’s running out of time and so you should just nod your head and have her explain it. Of course, the girl wasn’t so intuitive, raised her hand and took 5 minutes to explain that the equation wasn’t balanced…Now this wasn’t actually so bad, just kind of an “ok good job you know what’s going on in class, congratulations” moment. But as the class wore on, her interruptions continued, until we were finishing up the class talking about catalytic converters on cars, and the teacher was explaining what exactly they did and so on…and in the middle of her explanation, this girl interrupts again to give this lovely declaration: “I don’t know if this applies, but a catalyst is something that speeds up a reaction…” At this point I really wanted to turn to the girl and be like “No shit Sherlock, glad to hear you have a high school education.” Which may seem harsh, but….I wish you could have been there just to see the presentation and sheer lack of understanding classroom etiquette, common sense, etc. Anyways, the teacher was just like….”uh…yes…that’s correct, as I was saying…” Which, again…made me laugh.

So…in other words…I’m moving to South Carolina…so we can miss btown’s specialness together 🙂

how to make your neighbors hate you


This is J again, with some helpful advice on getting along with your neighbors.  I moved from a craaaaazy, old, loud apartment complex where everyone knew each other, to a very quiet, QUIET, highrise with extraordinarily thin walls.  Haha.  Anyway, things that don’t make friendly with the neighbors: smoke alarms and bad smells that filter out into the hallway…

Anyway, this is also a bit of baking advice…I went to bake a loaf of bread yesterday, and needed to put it on parchment paper so that it didn’t stick to the pan.  Unfortunately I got a liiiittle bit overzealous when cutting the paper and basically covered the whole baking sheet.  After 25 minutes at 450 degrees, the bread was doing nicely, and I looked up from my futon, which i was laying on, completely not paying attention… and the apartment was FULL of smoke!!! Ruh roh… soooo long story short, parchment paper is obviously still PAPER, and thus burns when exposed to high levels of heat for long periods of time.  I managed to AVOID the smoke alarm blaring, thank goodness, but it took an hour and a half and about 3 fans to get the smoke to clear in the apartment.  Another note, burning paper does not smell very good…and guess what?  The smoke/smell had to go SOMEWHERE when it left my apartment…oooh, the hallway.  Yeah.  It was pretty gross, so sorry to all my neighbors.  Anyway, lesson learned.

Another quick lesson, running the morning after 5 shots of tequila and countless 90 cent cosmos (helloooo ladies night) requires pretty extraordinary levels of coordination.  which i do not possess. just sayin.

oookay, over and out! ~J

Sociology 101 note(s)

The following are all the notes I took during my sociology class…with additional commentary:

Dear Julia, (lol, can’t you tell these are going to be REALLY well taken notes)




….So, so, so…Soooooooooooo bored! I’m currently sitting in my first Sociology class and…we’re being lectured on some unskilled factory workers…er…something. I’m sure it’s  quite intriguing to my fellow constituents of the student body…but somehow…I’m just not seeing it. Although granted, I appreciate their sociological brilliance that provided posterity, myself included, benefits like social security…oh…wait…nope, I’m not gonna get any of that…well shit….

(a change of topic occurs in the lecture…)

Oh…well now we’re talking about how remaining silent and not standing up for a cause is a stand within itself. AND OMFG JOE NEEDS TO TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ’cause he is the OPPOSITE of being sociologically minded and in tune with the rest of humanity and other people’s lives. I feel between you and myself, however…we could write books upon books on the subject.

Ooooooooo! and we don’t have text books……oh….fuck….WHY DO YOU DO THAT?!??!? Stupid professor….A HALF TRUTH IS STILL A FUCKING LIE YOU JERK! (I’m paraphrasing…)

So we have to buy fucking books for this stupid fucking class! AND we have to buy some idiotic pass code thing so we can answer questions online….stupid, stupid, stupid!

Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So how are you doin’?

Ooooooo…. “The Time Bind”… that sounds….really not exciting at ALL! Ugh…and we have to buy that book and one about Michael Jordan and Globalization….wtf. Ok…I’ll be honest, some of the topics we’re covering in this class are actually quite interesting to me…but WHY does college repeatedly rape us of our money??????


There was NO point in coming to this class…literally nothing…nadda…zip…

Oh boy….he made a joke….not really…

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The whole online code answering thingy….this is the first time he’s doing this! Because….he thinks…it’ll be more interesting…and fun….he COULD have done like…idk…WORKSHEETS…..GOD…..saved us all a good $80 or something…..

and now…we’re doing a group activity…lord help me….signing off for now….


[Wasn’t that brilliant?]