Me again…I know, twice in one day…impressed, right?  Oh, and both posts have to do with sleeping.  Haha.

So due to my lack of sleep last night, I was really lazy this afternoon.  Finally around 3 I decided that I should take a nap in order to be more productive this evening (since I actually DO have things to do…besides lay on my lovely futon and read recipes…)

As most of my dear and lovely friends know, I am usually hopelessly bitchy post-nap session (and when I’m realllly hungry…but that’s beside the point) and require at least 30  minutes to an hour for the grogginess/bitchiness to wear off.  This is why I GENERALLY don’t consider a nap to be a good choice, time-wise and socially.

Now that I think about it, napping may have been ingrained in my mind as a great idea due to a convo I had with my adorable little freshman standpartner here who, poor thing, is having the busiest and most stressful semester of his life so far.  He was informing me yesterday that he has finally discovered the love and joy of power napping (something that most college students pull off  just fine…what can I say, I’m a mutant…).  I guess this put the bug in my already sleep-deprived brain, before we went on to have a groggy dialogue about how awesome of a stand partner we thought the other was.  Aaaaah, stand partner love.  Not like LOVE love, mind you…it you’re not a musician it may be hard to understand the relationship that develops between two people who are forced to sit and live through quite a few painful, stressful, boring, or confusing rehearsals, forced to work together upon pain of death…it’s unique.

Anyway, I set my alarm for 4:15 pm, put on a rerun of Leverage (I ❤ Christian Kane!!!), and zonked out.





*turn off alarm in sleep*




About a minute after the alarm went off and I turned it off, I BOLTED upright on the futon and grabbed my phone.  For a while I didn’t even remember deciding to take a nap, and wasn’t sure what pm meant…(this often happens to me when I nap, particularly late evening when the light outside suggests that it COULD be either morning or evening…it’s very disorienting and I have totally called my mom before to ask her if it was the morning or the evening…) So during these few minutes of freaking out, I grabbed for my calender, LEGIT thinking that I had slept through my entire day, and probably a class or rehearsal or something I can’t afford to miss…it was truly terrifying.

When I finally got things figured out and began to breathe again, I decided coffee was an absolute follow-up…aand proceeded to dump about half a cup of espresso grounds on the floor…reminding me, of course, that I DO need to clean my floors before my parents come in two days (I shed a LOT, and everywhere, aaaand obviously tend towards spilling things…), which is something that I noticed…ooooh, I guess two weekends ago, now, when I was making best friends with my bathroom floor.  (Thankfully this weekend we didn’t have to bond…yay!)

Anyway, I still have a lot to do and should get to it…and I’m sure there are MORE than half a dozen typos in this post, but I’m just about fully awake again and wanted to share the antics.

Later! ~J


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