parting is such sweet sorrow…


So this is without a doubt going to be the most boring/bland-looking post ever, due to the fact that I am NOT the skilled blogger of the two of us… however, considering it has been several months since the last post, I figured it was looong past time to figure this thing out and update!  The sad news is that I am now many many miles (I’m sure aspen could tell you exactly how many…) and several states away from good ole Bloomington, and am constantly discovering new things that I miss about that place.  However, I’m getting settled in here and falling into a routine pretty well.  There has been a lot of free time, naturally leading to crazy cooking adventures, so if I can figure this out I miiiiiiiiiiight start an additional blog…we shall see.  But for now, I’ll leave this nice and short, and just say that hopefully we’ll keep better on top of this thing!  Again, sorry for the lack of creativity…just leaving a quick update!  Until later ~J


One thought on “parting is such sweet sorrow…

  1. ruuuuuuuuuuuuuv you!!!!

    and you TOTES should do an amazing cooking blog…and perhaps i can do a baking blog and we can bring it together in this blog………i say this after going 2 months without writing at all in this blog….hmmm yeahhh….

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