The Drunken Watermelon

So, for those of us that do not know Julia and I…first of all, I pity you because we are pretttttttty awesome!

I can tell you are questioning my certainly biased opinion; however the following is just one of many examples of how Julia and I demonstrate our pure awesomeness.

I give you: The Drunken Watermelon Experiment

The things that we did to that watermelon…..I know, I know…ok, that I did to that watermelon….

It took all night, but eventually that entire fifth of rum was soaked up by our fruit baby.

In conclusion….we are awesome!


One thought on “The Drunken Watermelon

  1. hahaha yesssss that was a good time. hmm. this might be mildly confusing since we’re both under the same name, but…naaaah, it’s gonna be awesome. you still need to tell me how to post, btw. and yeah, you definitely were the one raping that watermelon, not i. :p miss youuuu!

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